Would you like to go on holiday with me?
Posted on: August 15, 2017, by : avtobaza

I meet so many lovely gentlemen when I go on dates with London escorts. To be fair to them, I realise that many of them are in fact actually rather lonely and they are looking for companionship. They love to have a little chat, and often I end up talking to them about travel and going on holiday. In fact, when I am not too busy at my outcall escorts agency, I really do like to take extended holidays. I don’t get the chance all of the time, but I do solo travel a lot.

When I tell my gents I am a solo traveller, they often seem surprised. Sure, most London escorts have hot boyfriends they go on┬áholiday with, but do you know what, I don’t like to holiday with just anybody. Sure, it is nice to have some to go to the beach with, but that is not the prime reason I go on holiday. Actually, I will admit to being into hedonistic holidays but I don’t know I am the babe at outcall escorts who are into those.

It all started when I joined a swingers club in London. I had applied a couple of weeks earlier, and as I was on my final date with London escorts one night, I got a text message saying that I had been accepted to join the club. A couple of London escorts I knew from another London escorts service, were already members and they told me that the club had some great activities. It sounded great, and I was soon away for the weekend with the club.

Since then, I have got to know the members of the club, and I have joined them on a lot of holidays around the world. We are kind of chilled on our holidays, and do not push ourselves onto others, but we do go to specialist hedonistic resorts around the world. It is a great way to holiday when you work for London escorts, as it allows you to take you head out of gear and forget about the real world and work for a while.

Many of the gents I date for London escorts would like to take me on holiday. They don’t seem to be into hedonistic holidays. Instead many of them would like to take me to their villas abroad or to enjoy a cruise. I am not sure what if it is for me to cruise, or to laze around a pool, but I do feel sorry for them. It is clear they are looking for a sexy holiday companion. Sure, there are a couple of them I really like and I think I could imagine myself going on holiday with the. I just don’t know what I should pack to make a good travelling companion. Maybe I just need to pack my little red bikini for that pool holiday and a sexy dress for evenings out. Mmmm. I guess I could get used to be someone’s beach or pool baby as they say in Spain.

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