The reasons why London escorts prefer white men
Posted on: July 10, 2017, by : avtobaza

A big dick will give more satisfaction while to others it is considered not worthy to waste your time on. London escorts of will want a dick that will give them satisfaction and pleasure as they want to make money out of it and also feel the pleasure. However, they do not like having men with big dicks because of their belief that they take too long to ejaculate. These people are not only having sex to have pleasure but this is also commercial so if they have to render their services to other clients and make them happy, then it is only natural to reject the men with big dicks because they believe that they make them uncomfortable or even hurt the vagina walls.

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There have been stories over the years which I can only say that they are myths; do black men really have bigger dicks? No! White men too have been complimented because of the sizes of their dicks which are relatively big. It all depends on the genes but not the skin color or the race. Research shows that black men have the same dick sizes with the white men and if it is bigger, it is just a slight difference. London escorts will therefore be okay having sex with a black man the same way they can have sex with a white man. The dick sizes are just average which will not by any means hurt them or make them feel uncomfortable.

After watching a number of black pornography, London escorts always yearn to have sex with an average sized man. Interestingly, the African –American men are the ones who have been believed to have the super big dicks but ask any escort who have had sex with them and is a different story all together. The myth about them having big dicks could be wrong but one thing that will never be wrong is the way they satisfy you in bed. With their average sized dicks, it is clear that an escort will have more fun even though that is not what she is looking for but money. There are so many reasons that make people think of black men as carriers of bigger size dicks like the believe of the black people can generate heat more than the white men. This is nothing close to the truth, it is just a myth.

A black man when willing to have sex with you, he will give you mind blowing and an unforgettable experience hence the belief of having bigger dicks but the truth is even the white men are also wild in bed maybe even better than the blacks. There are black men who also have the micro penises, so you can be sure that the men who have big dicks are not only the blacks the whites also do have them. Although these people are rare to get the few that are available are a mixture of the whites and blacks. In regard to this, I would say that the black men do not really have bigger dicks than the whites, it is just a myth.

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