So many couples forget about the importance of foreplay.

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It seems that we are in as much of hurry as we are in living our lives. We just want to watch as much telly as possible and then fall into bed with other. It just doesn’t work that way, we all need a bit foreplay, says Lavender. Taking your time over lovemaking is really important, yet most of us, aim for it to be a ten minute affair. Many North London escorts from are as guilty as the rest of the population.

Foreplay is suppose to be a sensual introduction to sex and intercourse, but most of the time we don’t let it be that. We rush around at work and do the same thing when we come home. Some of my North London escorts colleagues say that their partners are always asking them for a “quickie”. A quickie is never the same as taken time to make love properly, I wish all of my North London escorts colleagues would realize that says, Lavender. Most women do not get any satisfaction out of a quickie at all and the experience can have an impact on your psyche as well.

According to Lavender we seem to have forgotten that making love is suppose to be a relaxing experience. Making love can make us feel great, says Lavender, but we seldom appreciate the health benefits of making love. Some of my North London escorts colleagues suffer from stress really badly, I keep telling them that if they took some time out to make love, they would suffer less from stress. It isn’t only North London escorts who need to realize this, the rest of the population needs to as well, says Lavender. So, what are the health benefits of making love?

First of all making love can help to lower our blood pressure. When we don’t make love we are much more likely to become agitated and annoyed, says Lavender. Yes, it can be hard to fit love making into your life with your partner when you work full time for North London escorts services, remarks Lavender, but we do need to make an effort. I have told many of my North London escorts colleagues that we should try to set aside a time for love. Combine it with a nice meal and perhaps a good movie, getting in the mood is what it is all about.

Foreplay can be such a great part of love making and does not have to be directly sexual. It can be a nice massage or a shower together, A lot of couples do say that they enjoy massaging and just touching each other. Some of my North London escorts seem to be keeping their foreplay secrets to themselves, but I like to share mine. I like to touch and see everything, and often give my boyfriend a nice touch massage on the floor in our living room. We have invested in a nice massage rug, and just enjoy touching. I have told my North London escorts colleagues who always complain about quickies, that lighting a few candles is always a good start.

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