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Anal Sex Tips For More Pleasure

Anal sex is one of the most pleasurable forms of sex that we enjoy. It adds something that we just cannot get in normal sex, and it brings us incredible amounts of orgasmic pleasure. Many are doubtful about trying anal sex, thinking it may not be for them, but providing the right measures are taken it is a fantastic experience for involved. But what steps can a couple take to make sure that anal sex is a brilliant experience for all involved?

It is extremely important to take things slowly when having anal sex. There can be problems when stretching the hole if it’s not done so steadily. Perhaps start by trying butt plugs with your partner so they get a feeling of what being filled up is like before you try it for real. Once they become accustomed to the sensations and feelings of anal penetration, they will be more prepared for when you actually engage in anal sex.

Being protected during anal sex is vitally important. Before starting, the person being penetrated should ensure that they thoroughly clean out their anus with an enema. This will make it more pleasant for the penetrator, who should also use a condom for hygiene purposes. Lubricating liberally will also help to make anal sex much more enjoyable for both parties. Make sure that you always use water-based lube because other lubrication substitutes could possibly cause itching or rashes.

When engaging in anal sex, starting steadily before gradually increasing the speed will make it more pleasant for the recipient. Starting too quickly and being rough is not generally nice, although it is true that some people prefer to have sex that way. In addition, if you are too rough you could possibly tear something which would cause plenty of problems.

Anal sex is one of the most intimate adult activities that you could ever involve yourself in, so making sure that you are doing it with the perfect partner is essential. You don’t want it to be something that you regret later in life.

In general though, anal sex is extremely exciting and fulfilling. You will feel sensations you never have before. There is nothing quite like penetrating the tightest of holes or being filled up by a throbbing cock. Experiment, takes things steadily and most importantly, have fun. The more relaxed you are the more pleasure you will derive from anal sex.

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