I want to marry a celebrity A Lister

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Just like other girls I dream about getting married. Sure, I date a lot of men at London escorts who are not happily married at all, but I am not letting my London escorts experience of marriage put me off. I am pretty sure that you can make a marriage perfectly happy, the only thing is that you need to make a bit of an effort. On top of that, I think it is all about marrying the right kind of person.The other girls at London escorts may think I am a little crazy but I do have this think about wanting to marry a celebrity A lister.

We do on occasion get the chance to date celebrity A listers as elite low cost escorts, and when I have had a chance to do so, I have loved every minute of it. Some girls don’t like the limelight, but I must admit that I love it. Also, I think that celebs have some kind of animal attraction about them, and that is what really turns me on when it all comes down to it. All of the celebs that I have dated on behalf of London escorts just ooze sex appeal. I have never been on a date with a celeb and not been seriously turned on. It is something about the way they work the cameras, and like to show off their bodies. Something just clicks in my head when I date a celeb, and I always make sure that I make a lot of extra effort before I go on a celeb date with London escorts.

I will always make a hairdressing appointment, and go for a facial when I have a date with a celeb. Am I jealous of their lifestyles? I guess I fell a sense of loss when I come off a date with a celeb. It would be so wonderful to stay in that wonderful world of celebrity. Everything about celebs fascinate me. Am I the only girl at London escorts to feel that way? No, I am not but I am probably the only girl at this particular London escort to be really passionate about dating escorts. Several of the other girls at the escort service in London think that celebs are a bit of nuisance.I know what they mean, but I do love dating celebs. They can be real prima donnas at times but that does not bother me at all.

The truth is that I can be a real prima donna as well. I have been working for this elite London escorts service for such a long time that I know that I am good at my job. The boss says that I am a real glamour puss. Do I agree with that? I must admit that I do think that I am a little bit better than the rest, and I know that many of my celeb dates think I am the perfect date for them.

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